Teen Driving Statistics

Important Statistics of Arizona Teen Drivers from AAA Arizona

  • Crash risk is particularly high during the first year that teenagers are eligible to drive. (CDC)
  •  For drivers 15- to 19- years old involved in fatal crashes, 21 percent of the distracted drivers were distracted by the use of cell phones. (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts, April 2013)
  •  In a real-world driving environment, it was found that the risk of crash or a near crash event while text messaging is 23.2 times greater than non-distracted driving. (Virginia Tech TransportationInstitute, July 27, 2009 press release)
  • Young adults see themselves as safer-than-average drivers (80%) and do not believe their own distracted driving puts them or others at risk. (AAA Foundation 2010 Survey)In crashes involving 15- to 17-year old drivers, on the average, nearly two other individuals are killed for every teen driver killed. (2009 Update to AAA’s Everyone Is at Risk Report)
  • In 2012 in Arizona, of the motor vehicle crash deaths for 15- to 17-year olds, 36% were drivers and 53% were passengers. (November 2013 AZ Child Fatality Review Program Annual Report)
  • 59% of teenage passenger deaths in 2011 occurred in vehicles driven by another teenager. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute)
  •  In 2012, the number one leading cause of death for 15- to 17-year olds in Arizona were motor vehicle crashes. In 2012, the greatest percentage of Motor Vehicle and other transport deaths were among youth ages 15 through 17 years of age. (November 2013 AZ Child Fatality Review ProgramAnnual Report)
  • Of the deaths in transportation-related deaths among all children, that were determined to be preventable, 11% were determined to be caused by driver distraction. (November 2013 AZ ChildFatality Review Program Annual Report)
  • In 2012, thirty-two 15- to 19-year old drivers were killed in motor vehicle crashes and 2,733 15-19 year old drivers were injured in motor vehicle crashes (2012 AZ Crash Facts)
  • 17,014 16- to 19-year olds were involved in motor vehicle accidents in 2012. (2012 AZ Crash Facts)
  • In Arizona, 5.69% of accidents involved inattention/distraction. Of the known violations and behaviors involved in crashes, inattention/distraction ranked #2 behind speed too fast for conditions and was ranked #2 behind speeding for injuries (2012 AZ Crash Facts)
  • In Arizona, 15- to 19-year olds accounted for $98.5 million in total trauma charges. (AHCCCS accounted for 24.1% of the primary payment source for all trauma reimbursements) (StateTrauma Advisory Board 2013 Annual Report)

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